Pontoon floats

ØSTFOLD BIL OG BÅTSERVICE AS offers 2 types of pontoon floats filled with EPS foam.

ABC floats series

ABC series pontoons are engineered for C and D category pleasure crafts, houseboats, and marinas requiring high freeboard.

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HF floats series

HF series pontoons are made for boats requiring higher longitudinal strength, as well as low freeboard marinas.

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More about our pontoon floats

All our products are manufactured from quality technical polymers, from renowned manufacturers, providing material with known mechanical and chemical characteristics, UV protection additives, and other beneficial boosters.


About EPS foaming

In our production line we employ EPS70 foaming technology. EPS foam completely fills the hollow body, therefore adding extra characteristics, such as improved unsinkability to the pontoons. EPS foamed pontoon in case of accident wont be filled with water and will stay buoyant.

About segmentation

Pontoon floats assembled into the rows complete a highly segmented construction. This assures high reliability as one critically failed pontoon won’t result in the loss of the ship stability or dangerously lowered buoyancy.

Standard pontoon colours

We do keep some of pigments in stock at all times for faster production times. Colours available: natural milk-white (no pigments), dark grey, black, and dark blue. Other colours are available as well for specific projects. (beware that monitors show colour differently).

About primary materials

We manufacture pontoon floats from a plastic material generally known as polyethylene. Due to the widespread use of this plastic it is very much associated with cheap, disposable, one-time use plastics. However when we are talking about plastics, we mustn’t forget that polyethylene is a family of plastics, consisting of many different plastics with wide range the chemical structures and additives blended to form a variety of products. One of them are technical polyethylenes and this is the plastic we manufacture our floats with. Plastic used is high quality, sourced from respectable manufacturers, with specific properties such as UV protection, resistance to chemicals dissolved in the waterways, good balance between strength, impact resistance and rigidity and many more. More information on the materials used for the floats manufacturing could be found in the technical data sheet of the product.

About CE certification

While operating business in the marine industry, we have encountered a widespread misconception that pontoon floats have a CE certificate. What is worse some manufacturers fuel this myth by claiming their production has it. As a responsible business we feel obliged to inform our customers that pontoon floats are not directly part of CE (Conformité Européene) marking procedure. The final product such as a pleasure craft is the one mandatorily marked with CE mark as described in the EU CE marking guide, or otherwise known as blue guide. As described in the blue guide and pleasure craft directive 2013/53/EU, separate parts that make a ship must be in compliance with specific international standards for a ship to be eligible for CE marking. Our pontoon floats comply with international standard  EN ISO 12215-3-2002, and are not marked with CE marking as blue guide and directive 2013/53/EU requires.