Pontoon platforms


ØSTFOLD BIL OG BÅTSERVICE AS offers 2 different types of pontoons platforms

ABC series platforms

about abc series platforms

HF series platforms

about hf series platforms

More about different type of platforms

Platforms constructed using ABC series pontoon floats has mounting points scatered in strategic places. Such platforms are fast to assemble, taking less than a day for the full chasis to be done. ABC platforms are universal, as their technical characteristics and low freeboard allows for many different applications, starting with houseboats, to work platforms.


HF series platforms has a metal frame integrated through the whole pontoon row giving great longitudinal strength characteristics for a a proects that require such feat. As these pontoons has greater volume when used vertically than ABC series, more load could be placed, allowing to complete projects with specific weight requirements having limited area.

Assembled platforms

We can provide fully assembled pontoon platforms with both ABC and HF series pontoons. All products are assembled by us in our factory.

DIY kits

We are able to provide DIY kits, for your project, providing assembly manuals and technical drawings for your convenience and easy assembly.

About materials used for building

Our pontoon builds are done using our EPS foamed plastic pontoons, with aluminium profiles from ALU-6060 or ALU-6061 grade aluminium. Parts which have direct contact with water, such as U profile, which connects pontoons into rows, or transom for engine mounting are made from sea grade aluminium EN_AW_5754_H110. In general all materials used are compliant with the standard for boat hulls EN ISO 12215-3-2002. Alternatively, steel or wood can be used in some instances if there is such a need, however this results in heavier boat, and might require special attention and maintenance.